Sustainable Events

Brands are extending their mantra about social responsibility into the events they hold. One of the most common ways to foster sustainable events is to go paperless. One way is to use digital replacements like apps and emails instead of handing out paper materials such as brochures, schedules, and more. 
If using paper cannot be avoided, recyclable, recycled or reusable materials can be used instead.

It’s not only about becoming eco-friendly. When creating a sustainable event you can also include the following activities:
•    Support local businesses by using their service for your events.
•    Integrate charitable activities in the framework of the event and give back to the local community.

Let’s unplug and allow for mindfulness
It’s important to give attendees a chance to rest and to break away from their devices. 
We expect to see the following trends during events this year:
•    WiFi dead zones where the participants can go to stay away from tech and relax&de-stress.
•    Comfortable seats, mood lighting and ambient sounds that promote relaxation.
•    Structured breaks that allow participants to recuperate and reflect on their learnings.