Since its founding, IDEE has been firmly committed to active philanthropy and focuses on sustained and effective CSR projects. The two core areas that IDEE supports are Education and Environment.

Our team is encouraged to volunteer its time and skills and enjoy the experience of giving back to the communities.


We fulfill our social duties, and support raising the standards of educational quality. As part of the project, IDEE is supporting a local Elementary School at village M. Sevketpasa. The objective of the education project is to improve the necessities of the school like computers, some computer accessories, chairs, seats, education aids, toys and a library. IDEE is also supporting infrastructural development of the school like constructing toilets, improve taps and installing fans in classrooms.
The project also aims to support the school with tree plantation.
IDEE Team engagement activities are regularly organized at the village school to support the two core areas, and build a personal connect between the employees and the community. In the past, activities like a friendly football match between our employees and the school children, collection of books and spectacles for the library have been organized. Regular visits by the team are also encouraged by the management.
Other Charitable Endeavors
•    IDEE Team voluntary blood donations
•    IDEE Team hosts arts and culture charitable activities
•    IDEE Team member participates in Soroptimist Turkey community services
•    IDEE Team encouraging corporate customers to take an active part in philanthropy by       offering the activities in Turkey itineraries.