10 Hour Layover in Istanbul


Istanbul is becoming an ever-growing hub connecting travelers to more than 300 destinations with Turkish Airlines. With the opening of the new Istanbul Airport, it’s the perfect time to create a short layover itinerary for this enchanting city. Enough to give travelers a taste of the best the city has to offer and leave them wanting to come back for more..


Morning: Welcome to Istanbul where east meets the west! Hop on your private chauffeured car and head straight to the Old City. Tour the grand Hagia Sophia and head to the Grand Bazaar. Negotiate your way into buying gorgeous textiles, rugs, jewellery, leather goods, ceramics and more! Have a traditional Turkish Coffee at Sark Kahvesi.

Lunch: A few great options.. Experience a traditional Turkish lunch with a modern twist at the lovely Four Seasons by the Bosphorus. To hangout with the locals instead,  grab a bite at the Bebek Balikcisi or Mangerie restaurant in Bebek.

Afternoon: Enjoy a nice stroll by the Bosphorus - Bebek to Arnavutkoy or Hisar is a great route. Or take a boat tour by the Bosphorus to browse the impressive Istanbul Yali’s - historic mansions.

Time to head back to the airport. See you again soon!

Esra Levent, Managing Partner


FOOD TRENDS for 2018

Looking to 2018, here I anticipate the new Food&Beverage trends.

I hope you’ll like one or the other option to make Food&Beverage a memorable part of your event.

 People are always looking for new and interesting ways to cater for their Event guests and food has become so much more than just fuel.

 1. Local is Everything: The importance of adding a local feel to events has been identified as a major trend as guests want to experience as much as they can about country they are going to for their event.

 2. Network your Heart Out - Small plates of food items, continuously served in a reception format add a nice break to an extended event. It provides a great way for guests to meet up in a causal environment while enjoying great food and beverage.

 3. Small is the New Big! - Bite size desserts have overtaken larger portions in popularity. People prefer the easy to handle signature bite size deserts to one big slice of cake. House made chocolate truffles, French macaroons, mini cupcakes and cookies are top of the list for event planners.

 4. In with Flavour, Out with Fats! - Chefs work with exciting healthy choices including whole grains, protein alternative (quinoa, amaranth, alfalfa, tofu, beans) green vegetables (kales, spinach), low fat and low sugar foods which sound, look and taste great!

 5. Making and Breaking Bread Together - Nothing brings the people together more than food and having the opportunity to cook with friends, family, guests or colleagues. Culinary teambuilding has all the ingredients to cook up friendship!

 6. Contrasting Environments - Utilising outside space to create a change in scenery and a casual dining experience will revitalize people.

 7. Finale NOT Gala - Make sure the last night of your event has all the components to create a dynamic environment and brings people together to celebrate the event. Be creative and choose your set-up layout and dining style to deliver that Finale.

 8. That's Theatre! - Adding a chef interactive station can also highlight the menu with fresh prepared items (min-size panini, clubhouse or bruschetta!). 



Baklava, the new wave

Baklava, the new wave

Ecotour Turkey

Ecotour Turkey

We make tourism more responsible!
With a primary focus on experiencing natural areas and fostering environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation, we care about giving our clients a different kind of quality tourism experience. Something really exceptional. 
Have a real connection with the people, the landscape, the culture, the food and the environment. 

Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events

Brands are extending their mantra about social responsibility into the events they hold. One of the most common ways to foster sustainable events is to go paperless. One way is to use digital replacements like apps and emails instead of handing out paper materials such as brochures, schedules, and more.