Cross-continental swimming race Asia to Europe

Few stretches of water in the world can match the mix of physical challenge and sheer emotional exhilaration that the Bosphorus Strait offers to swimmers making the legendary crossing from Asia to Europe.

The annual cross-continental “race” from Asia to Europe  is organized by Municipality of Istanbul and Turkish Olympic Committee.

The race morning, Turkish authorities shut down the strait, one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, for three hours to allow swimmers time to make the 6.5 km (4 miles) crossing.

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2018 is 30th year of the Istanbul's annual Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race.
1,200 non-professional swimmers aged 14 to 80 who qualify from nearly 50 countries will  gather for the “people's swim” on July 22nd.

Competitors in Istanbul's annual Bosphorus Cross-Continental can take in the view of stunning Ottoman palaces, modern suspension bridges and 500-year-old military fortresses as they navigate currents.

 Sometimes dolphins join the swimmers during the race.

Sometimes dolphins join the swimmers during the race.

It's not about how you finish but how much you enjoyed it while it lasted.

 The race begins with a sprint from the seaside village of Kanlica to the middle of the channel in search of the southbound stream. The powerful current can reach up to seven knots.

The race begins with a sprint from the seaside village of Kanlica to the middle of the channel in search of the southbound stream. The powerful current can reach up to seven knots.

Sustainable Events

Brands are extending their mantra about social responsibility into the events they hold. One of the most common ways to foster sustainable events is to go paperless. One way is to use digital replacements like apps and emails instead of handing out paper materials such as brochures, schedules, and more. 
If using paper cannot be avoided, recyclable, recycled or reusable materials can be used instead.

It’s not only about becoming eco-friendly. When creating a sustainable event you can also include the following activities:
•    Support local businesses by using their service for your events.
•    Integrate charitable activities in the framework of the event and give back to the local community.

Let’s unplug and allow for mindfulness
It’s important to give attendees a chance to rest and to break away from their devices. 
We expect to see the following trends during events this year:
•    WiFi dead zones where the participants can go to stay away from tech and relax&de-stress.
•    Comfortable seats, mood lighting and ambient sounds that promote relaxation.
•    Structured breaks that allow participants to recuperate and reflect on their learnings.


Embark on a Culinary Adventure

At the heart of travel is increasingly a question of access:

How to access what the locals know? Access the secrets to where to eat, visit and discover less obvious gems.

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I highly recommend Eat Smart Culinary Travel Guidebooks if you love food, are traveling and want to do it like a local.  

Joan Peterson, author of the Eat Smart series designed for travelers and cookbook lovers, wrote guides to discover the cuisines of Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Sicily and Turkey. Joan has traveled extensively for many years, and leads culinary tours to Turkey, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Peru, and Sicily. 

I met Joan and her late husband David Peterson in 1993.  We arranged many ‘‘back of the house’ visits and cooking demonstrations at restaurants like Tugra in the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel and Beyti to name a few -  all of which have left a mark in Istanbul’s culinary history. 

One of my fondest memories with Joan and David in Istanbul is a delicious Turkish dinner we enjoyed with late Tugrul Savkay – legendary food columnist and critique who had a great influence on the evolution of Turkey’s culinary culture.  

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In December 2017, Gourmand World Cook Book Awards announced that the Eat Smart Culinary series has been awarded Best in the United States and will compete for Best in the World in May 2018 in China!  This is Joan’s well-deserved reward for pouring her passion and hard work into the Eat Smart series. The guides come in paperback, eBook and Kindle editions.

In addition to her books, The Eat Smart Abroad app helps travelers navigate the culinary scene on the go, answering questions like:

What are the best dishes in Turkey?

How to navigate a market in India?

How to order in Norwegian? 

Destinations covered include Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland, Morocco, India, Sicily, Peru, France, Norway, and Germany, with more to come as the app updates. The app has a bi-lingual menu guide with a list of flavors and foods particular to the destination.

Hope you enjoy the guides as much as I have.

Wishing you all the best and much success with your business!

Esra Levent

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